Here are the special tours we offer throughout the year in Delhi. Check the tour page for the most up to date information on when we are running the tour next.

  • Sanjay Holi Tour

    Sanjay Holi Tour
    • Join us in Sanjay Colony for the festival of colours!
    • Price: Rs. 1,400
    • 2019 (date to be confirmed)
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  • Delhi Ramadan Tour

    Delhi Ramadan Tour
    • Taste some of the finest Ramadan food Delhi has to offer with our special guided tour!
    • Price: Rs. 1,500
    • 2nd and 3rd June 2018 (more dates to be confirmed)
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  • Sanjay Diwali Tour

    Sanjay Diwali Tour
    • Learn about Sanjay and celebrate the Festival of Lights with the community.
    • Price: Rs. 1,300
    • 2018 (date to be confirmed)
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