Learn about the realities of working class life as you discover Mumbai through its local transport.

Ride the famous suburban train, hop on a classic red bus, cruise around town in a typical black and yellow taxi and look on as millions of Mumbai's working class head out in the morning. We will discover Mumbai beyond the typical tourist sites; we will see a number of

different markets and the world famous Dabbawallahs (the workers of India’s intricate lunch delivery system). This view of the Maximum City will give you an idea of the struggles and challenges felt by the working class, as well as their unconquerable spirit.

At the end of the tour we’ll have a special tiffin (lunchbox) lunch delivered to us by a dabbawallah service and we’ll have a picnic at the nearby park.

  • 1

    CST Station

    See one of the busiest railway stations in the country at rush hour! CST is Mumbai’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site and it was featured in the final song from the award-winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire.

  • 2

    Dadar Flower Market

    In India, flowers are used everywhere - in temples, in taxis, at home, in women's hair, and for all kinds of worship. Here, you will see more flowers in one place than you've ever seen before!

  • 3

    Dhobi Ghat

    The world’s largest outdoor laundry! See the dhobiwallahs, or washermen, scrubbing sheets from Mumbai's largest hospitals and hotels at this busy outdoor laundry area.

  • 4

    Chor Bazaar

    The “Thieves Market,” is one of the largest and busiest flea markets in the whole country and sells almost anything. Taste some local sweets, take home delicious home-made pickles and chutneys or shop for a colourful vintage Bollywood film poster!

  • 5

    Dabbawallah Lunch

    Witness an extraordinary feat of organization in which hundreds of thousands of lunches are collected from homes and delivered to work-sites using an unwritten system. At the end of the tour we’ll have a tiffin (lunchbox) delivered to us for a picnic lunch!


Monday - Saturday

8:30am - 12pm


Rs 1,500 per person

Rs 5,500 for a private tour, up to 4 people

(includes dabbawallah lunch)

Start/End Points

Starts at Regal Cinema, Colaba.

Ens at Churchgate Train Station

(See Directions tab for details)

Group Size

Minimum: 2 people

Maximum: 7 people

(For larger groups, please get in touch)


"The tour was thoughtfully organized and we particularly enjoyed riding on the trains of Mumbai, seeing the famous Dabbawallas going about their work, and seeing the laundry. Reality Tours helped me to see more of Mumbai than I ever expected to see.”

Tracy via TripAdvisor

Meeting Point

Regal Cinema, Colaba

End Point

Churchgate Train Station


8:30am - 12pm

Regal Cinema, Colaba is a landmark every taxi driver should be familiar with. Your guide will meet you outside the entrance of the cinema. (Photos: One , two)

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