Join us in Kumbharwada and get hands-on with pottery making!

Kumbharwada is one of Dharavi’s oldest and most compelling communities, home to its thriving pottery industry.

Spend a few hours with us learning about the community’s rich history and how it became the hub of pottery making in Mumbai.

You will see where the material comes from, how it’s prepared, moulded into shape and finally baked.

We will also get ‘hands on’ with a visit to a local potter’s workshop, where we’ll get a general overview of pottery making and have a go at

the wheel throwing technique and making your own piece of Kumbharwada art.

Our mission is to improve the quality of lives in our communities. Like all of our tours, 80% of the profits fund our NGO Reality Gives and our partner NGOs. Thank you for supporting our programs by signing up for the tour!

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    Dharavi History

    Dharavi is the heart of Mumbai. It houses about one million of Mumbai’s inhabitants and its industries have an annual turnover of approximately US$ 665 million. Find out how Dharavi was created.

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    Learn about one of the oldest communities in Dharavi, the Kumbhars, a community of potters originally from Gujarat.

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    Pottery History

    Understand the traditional methods used for pottery making, the various types of muds and pots produced and how the younger generation are taking business forward.

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    Pottery Workshop

    Join a local potter and get hands-on trying the wheel throwing technique. It’s a fun, engaging and active learning experience that helps improve concentration and patience as well!

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    Our Community

    Learn more about how we help Reality Gives and support the local community .



Offered throughout the year

10:00am - from Churchgate Station

10:45am - from Mahim Station


Rs 1,000 per person

(Includes pottery workshop materials and tools)

Start/End Points

Starts at Churchgate Station or Mahim Station

Ends at our Reception Centre. We will help you get a train or taxi after the workshop.

(See Directions tab for details)

Group Size

Minimum 3 people

For larger groups, please get in touch

No Photography Policy

    For the entire tour. This policy helps ensure that our tours are done respectfully and that we maintain our strong relationship with the community.

    Photos are allowed during the pottery workshop but be sure to protect your camera!

What To Wear

Please wear modest clothing (for women: no sleeveless shirts, short shorts, or low tops) and closed-toed shoes.

We recommend you wear something you are comfortable in as you will need to sit on a stool during the workshop and may get some mud on your clothes.

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“A must do! Thanks to this workshop I discovered that pottery work is an old family tradition for many people in the Dharavi community. It has been incredible learning directly from them and experience in first person the art of making potteries...just wonderful!”

Sarah Restagno, via Email

Meeting Point

Churchgate Station or Mahim Station

For a Colaba start, see our Dharavi Tour (Car Transfer).

End Point

Our Reception Centre in Dharavi which is near the intersection of 60 feet and 90 feet road.


1 hour walking tour and 1 hour pottery workshop

10:00pm - from Churchgate Station

10:45am - from Mahim Station

Churchgate Station:

There are four entrances to Churchgate Station, including two subways. The first photo shows the station as you approach from Colaba and where the entrance is. Once inside the station, go to the book stall about 30 metres before the platforms (as shown in the next two photos). Look for the sign saying “Wheeler.” (Photos: One, Two, Three)

Mahim Station:

We meet at the main entrance and ticket office on the West side of the station (photo 1). To check if you are in the right spot, verify that V-Jai Restaurant and Bakery is opposite and Cafe Coffee Day is diagnolly opposite. (Photos: One, Two, Three)