Mumbai is a different city by night.

As the oppressive heat of the day evaporates and gives way to cool evening breezes, teenagers, lovers, families and the elderly head out to enjoy the weather. Public seafaces like Marine Drive are crowded with

Mumbaikars enjoying the rose-coloured sunset. As some people head home to sleep, others carry out religious duties or work in the markets, factories or call centres. Traveling primarily by car, you

will witness the calm of Banganga Tank and a Jain Temple, the chaos of CST station, and the eerie beauty and sadness of Mumbai's famous red light district.

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    Chowpatty Beach

    Mumbai’s most famous and action packed beach! Watch friends and families munching away at an endless variety of Indian snacks such as bhel puri, groups of friends playing kabaddi, and couples out for a romantic sunset picnic.

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    Banganga Tank

    Surrounded by Hindu temples, this famous 12th century tank is believed to contain water with special healing powers. This is our guides' favourite place in Mumbai!

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    Jain Temple

    This temple is considered one of the most beautiful and intricately-decorated temples in the city. Jainism, an Indian religion, prizes peacefulness and non-violence above all.

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    Antilia Building

    Get a street view of the two billion dollar home of business tycoon Mukesh Ambani- ostentatious monstrosity or architectural masterpiece?

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    CST Station

    See one of the busiest railway stations in the country at rush hour, and the site of the terrorist attacks in November 2008. The award-winning movie "Slumdog Millionaire" was also shot here. Based on St Pancreas Station in London, this World Heritage Site is gloriously lit up in the evening, a perfect view to end the tour!

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7pm - 9:30pm


Rs 1,300 per person

Rs 4,500 for private tour

(up to 4 people)

Start/End Points

Starts at Regal Cinema, Colaba.

Ends at CST Train Station.

(See Directions tab for details)

Group Size

Minimum: 2 people

Maximum: 5 people

(For larger groups, please get in touch)


"We keep incredible memories of these visits. The Banganga Tank was our favorite visit inside the nigth tour, and Dharavi Slum might have been the most remarkable visit of all our stay in India. Please let all our guides know how we have appreciated their accompaniment : enthusiasm, willingness to transmit, deep knowledge of the areas visited and above all the positive impact of Reality Tours & Travel on social issues."

CPA Lille via TripAdvisor

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Meeting Point

Regal Cinema, Colaba

End Point

CST Train Station


7pm - 9:30pm

Your guide will meet you outside the entrance of Regal Cinema in Colaba. (Photos: One , two )

Are you interested in a shared or private tour?