Our guides are all from humble backgrounds and are keen and fun to interact with. Curious about the rest of our team?

Sagar Kohli

Sagar was born and brought up in Delhi. He likes to say that he is from U.K. which is not the United Kingdom but the indian state of Uttarakhand. He is studying for his Bachelor Degree and his hobbies are dancing, playing cricket with his friends, travelling and meet new people. Talking about food, he loves to eat his mum’s parathas with tea.

Shehnaz Khan

Shehnaz comes from Delhi but her family is originally from Bihar, in the middle east of India. She likes to travel and learn about new cultures. She also loves to meet new people and show them her country and share her culture with them. She enjoys working at Reality Tours and Travel and she gets to learn about new things every day, improve her English speaking skills and interact with people all the time. She likes to cook and her favourite dish is biryani, a rice dish with different spices. Her dream is to show her parents different countries around the world.

Vijay Kumar

Vijay was born in Sanjay Colony and has lived there for the past 20 years. He is studying for his Bachelor in Commerce and also volunteers for a local NGO as supporting member. His hobbies are playing cricket, chess, travelling and listening to music. He likes to cycle and his favorite food is chicken biryani. He enjoys working for Reality Tours and Travel as he gets to learn many new things. He also loves to show around Sanjay Colony as he has a lot of knowledge from the place being born here. His dream is to travel in the whole world.

Chittiranjan Suna

Chittiranjan’s nickname is Chitti. He loves art and during his spare time he likes to paint, doing sketches and listen to music. He likes to travel and says that “food is his soul.” He likes to work as a tour guide and one day he wants to travel the entire world and know all the history of places. For him working for Reality is a great opportunity to discover more of his country, share his knowledge with the guests and a way to achieve his dream to become a successful person in the travel industry.

Naresh Kumar

Naresh lives in Sanjay Colony. He has studied Bachelor of Commerce and he loves to travel and visit historical places. That is what brought him to the Reality family. As a tour guide he is learning a lot and as well as improving his communication skills he feels that his job gives him the chance to interact with people from around the world. His hobbies are skating, listening and singing music. He loves to eat any food that is made by his mom.

Stanley Joseph

Stanley is from Central New Delhi, just 10 minutes walking distance from India Gate. He says that working with Reality and helping the community is one of the best jobs, he gets lots of confidence and he is always learning something new. He meets new people everyday and he has the opportunity to show them beautiful Delhi: that makes him proud as a Dilliwala. He likes to play basketball, volleyball and football and has a passion for learning new languages. Spanish is his favorite language after Hindi and English. He loves to eat Choley Bhature and Jalebi.