Our guides are all from humble backgrounds and are keen and fun to interact with. Curious about the rest of our team?


Hi, I live in Delhi NCR (Faridabad), just outside the city centre. I was born in Himachal Pradesh which is at the foothills of the Himalayas. I graduated in Hotel Management and Catering Technology and also hold a diploma in Tourism Travel Management. My hobbies are playing basketball, listening to music, reading and I also love to travel, meeting new people and making friends. I find that travelling helps me explore new things about myself.


I was born and brought up in Delhi and I am 20 years old. I like to say that I am from U.K. which is not the United Kingdom but the indian state of Uttarakhand. I am studying for my Bachelor Degree and my hobbies are dancing, playing cricket with my friends, travelling and meet new people. Talking about food, I love to eat my mum’s parathas with tea.


Hi, I come from Delhi but my family is originally from Bihar, in the middle east of India. I like to travel and learn about new cultures. I also love to meet new people and show them my country and share my culture with them. I enjoy working at Reality Tours and Travel and I get to learn about new things every day, improve my English speaking skills and interact with people all the time. I like to cook and my favourite dish is biryani, a rice dish with different spices. My dream is to show my parents different countries around the world.


I was born in Sanjay Colony and I have lived here for the past 20 years. I am studying for my Bachelor in Commerce and I also volunteer for a local NGO as supporting member. My hobbies are playing cricket, chess, travelling and listening to music. I like to cycle and my favorite food is chicken biryani. I enjoy working for Reality Tours and Travel as I gets to learn many new things. I also love to show around Sanjay Colony as I have a lot of knowledge from the place being born here. My dream is to travel in the whole world.