Our guides are all from humble backgrounds and are keen and fun to interact with. Curious about the rest of our team?

Janna Pujari

Janna is originally from Mangalore and came to Mumbai in 2006. He lives alone in Dharavi while his family still lives in a village near Mangalore.

After his graduation from a night collage in Mumbai, he started working at a restaurant. He liked this work because he could meet many different people. But it was hard work and he wanted to learn more than he could at the restaurant, so Janna joined us as a driver here at Reality in 2009. Through his work here he learned English. After several years as a driver, he decided to become a guide to further improve his English. His dream is to save enough money to move back to his village and family.

Chetan Pawar

Chetan was born in Goregaon, Mumbai and now lives in Wadala with his family including two brothers. 

Another busy man, Chetan is in his final year studying Management Studies, as in the future he wants to be a businessman. He would love to combine business with his passion for sports, his favourites being squash, cricket and pool.

Rajesh Dyaneshwa Dhuri

Rajesh is one of our newest guides. He grew up just a stone’s throw away from our Dharavi office!

Rajesh was born in Goa but his family moved to Dharavi when he was 3 because of the job opportunities available here. After school, Raj worked at a fast food chain and a domestic call centre before joining us here at Reality. In addition to the fantastic commute, Raj enjoys the job because he is able to improve his English and meet people from all over the world.

In his free time, Raj enjoys hanging out and having a chai with his friends, going to the movies and visiting his relatives.

Naynish Salvi

Nayinish lives in North Mumbai. One of the many things he likes about being a guide is the responsibility he has with every single person who comes on our tours.

He gets to spend a couple of hours with them or half day and during that time he takes cares of them and makes sure they get a memorable experience and learn about his city.

His hobbies are painting and playing Kabaddi.

Rakesh Shetty

Rakesh was born and currently lives in Malad with his family, who are from Mangalore. 

Previous jobs include working as a supervisor at Mahalaxmi Race course. 

He loves spending time with friends playing cricket and watching movies. His ambition is to eventually run own restaurant- serving South Indian food- mostly vegetarian. 

What he loves about his job is meeting different kinds of people and learning about different cultures.

Nilesh Vaidya

Nilesh lives in Mahalaxmi with parents, 2 brothers and sister- he's the youngest of the family; he is at his final year at school. 

In his spare time he likes surfing the internet, having fun with friends and watching comedy movies. Also he likes indoor games like carrom (an Indian game), and he claims to be a World Master at chess. 

In the future he wants to be a radio jockey, hopefully at his favourite station 93.5FM. In the meantime, he really enjoys his job because he gets to know more about Mumbai and is well-paid. 

His favourite food is butter chicken.

Jitu Jain

Jitu, originally from Malad in north Mumbai, came to Dharavi when he was 15 to work in the recycling business.

After a few years he became curious about the tours that were passing the factory. After learning more about the tours and related programs, he decided to become a guide with us!

Jitu loves having an active job in which he can meet people from around the world while having a positive impact on his adopted community. In his free time Jitu loves playing computer games. He is also an aspiring businessman who is currently saving money to one day start his own recycling business!

Sunmohan Rajlu

Sunny lives true to his name - he likes to laugh and smile. The 20-year-old student lives in Thane with his family and has to travel a very long way for work. 

He used to work at an online shopping centre during the night shift and his health suffered a lot in this time. That's why he applied at Reality Tours after reading a newspaper ad. 

After starting with Reality Tours in November, not only did his health become better, but his English skills also improved as well as his ability to speak clearly and freely. He is very proud of this development.

In his free time he works as a DJ at weddings, birthdays and other events. He says he isn't a professional but it's a lot of fun. He doesn't know yet what he wants to do in the future. For now he just hopes to finish his Bachelor of Commerce.

Gaurav Kadam

Gaurav is a 22 year old second year commerce students from the north of Mumbai. He loves football and was previously the goalkeeper of the Indian U-17 national team. His career was unfortunately cut short due to injury but he is looking forward to helping out the Dharavi Girls Football Team.

Before Reality, Gaurav worked for a travel company and a call centre. He is happy to be a tour guide because he greatly prefers an active job as opposed to sitting behind a desk.

Gaurav’s father is a police officer and his mother runs a day care service out of their house.

Bipin Kumar

Bipin’s family is originally from Varanassi and his father moved to Mumbai 40 years ago to find work. He bought a house in a slum in the Kurla area of Mumbai and that is where Bipin was born and raised.

After graduating from 12th standard Bipin did a Photoshop course and worked in design and then sales before spotting an ad for Reality Tours in the local paper.

He started 3 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. He has a wife and 8 month old baby son. When he isn’t working he likes to spend time with them and cook.

Rakesh Kotian

Rakesh was born and brought up in Mumbai and he live in Malad, one of the suburb in north Mumbai. He used to work in a restaurant at the race course.

He likes to work at Reality as this helps him understand cultures from all over the world. He has also become more confident in dealing with people and his English keeps improving. He is interested in news from politics to sports. He dreams of having his own restaurant one day.

Hitesh D. Vaidya

Hitesh lives in North Mumbai with his parents and his older sister. He likes working as a guide as he gets to know many people from all over the world and thanks to his job he learned a lot of information about his own city.

As well as working, he is finishing studying for the 12th Grade. His favorite food is pani puri and his biggest dream is to travel around the world.

Tavrej Khan

Tavrej lives in Dharavi and he loves to meet new people. He first started working for the Reality family as a Sales Executive and then became a tour guide. He loves to be amogst people and has always a smile on his face.

His hobbies are reading books, watching movies and playing marbles.

Javed Shaikh

Javed lives in Dharavi with his family since 1992. He likes being a tour guide because he feels he can learn from foreigners and also enjoys meeting new people every day.

Before working as a guide for Reality Tours and Travel he used to work in a warehouse for medical equipment and also as an office boy. He studied in Hindi and Urdu medium in a government school until the 12th grade. He is a former student of our NGO Reality Gives where he learnt English, life skills and attended the computer course. In his spare time he likes to play chess and spend time with family and friends. His biggest dream is to buy a house for him and his family.

Swathi Khade

Swathi describes herself as a fun loving and dream oriented girl. She is working as a guide as well as studying for a Master in clinical psychology.

What she likes the most about her job is the fact that Reality is doing good things for the people of Dharavi. She also loves to meet new people and show the positivity of life and work in the slum to help change the negative perceptions. Her hobbies are singing and hanging out with her friends. She is an adventurer and loves to travel and try different food. Her dream is to become a great psychologist and start an NGO that will work for women empowerment and health issues awareness, children education and old age homes.

Simran Tak

Simran lives in the South of Mumbai, near the Churchgate Station. She likes to work as a tour guide because she wants to show her city to our guests and also because she likes meeting new people. She studied psychology and she wants to become a businesswoman as well as a mehndi designer.

In her spare time she does mehndi design, listens to music, reading and tries making some handcraft accessories. Her biggest dream is to buy a 3 bedrooms house and also visit San Francisco.

Priya Nilesh Vaidya

Priya lives in Mahalaxmi near the famous open-air laundry Dhobi Ghat. She likes listening to music, see comedy shows and dancing.

She enjoys meeting new people from all from all over the world, and working at Reality is something that allows her to do that every single day. As well as working as a tour guide she is studying for her Business and Commerce degree. Her biggest dream is to go on a world tour and record her songs.

Ganesh Pathak

Ganesh is from Mumbai and he is studying business at college. Working as a guide is his first job. What he likes the most of working for the Reality family is that the organization helps people from the local community. They can in turn learn lots of skills that can help them to stand on their own feet in the future.

In his spare time he likes to play e-games. He is interested in animation and graphics and in the future he wants to become a good businessman.

Pradeep Pujari

Pradeep comes from a small village in Karnataka and he works as driver for Reality Tours and Travel.

He loves to work for Reality as he enjoys taking our guests around busy Mumbai, but also because he gets the opportunity to speak English in his job. He is a multi talented person with many skills, in fact he is a certified Electrician and a Chef as well. He loves travelling and watching learning videos on YoutTube.