Get a taste of Mumbai's vibrant Muslim culture with a guided food tour through the Mohammed Ali Road area, the epicentre of Mumbai's Ramadan festivities.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar during which time Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset each day. The observance is one of the five pillars of Islam and is thus obligatory for all able adult Muslims.

Every night, Muslims gather in the busy street food markets of South Mumbai to take Iftar, the evening meal that breaks their fast. Vendors offer all kinds of culinary delights from fried starters to offal dishes to the sweetest treats you've ever tasted.

We will guide you through the centre of these festivities and show you the mouthwatering snacks eaten during this holy time of year.

Mohammed Ali Road, which is already one of Mumbai's most vibrant neighborhoods, becomes the place to be for every Muslim celebrating Ramadan. After a day of fasting, Muslims gather in the area by the thousands to break the fast. Tables begin filling up hours before sundown in preparation and at the appointed time the crowd breaks the fast together.

Having led hundreds of hungry visitors on our Street Food Tour (as well as our Ramadan tour the past 4 years) our experienced guides know Mohammed Ali Road like the back of their hand and will help you negotiate your way around to all the tastiest treats.

As an added bonus, we will also visit a local family after we enjoy our Iftar - briefly calling in to share some sweets and Ramadan stories with them.

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    Mohammed Ali Road

    Witness the buzz of activity surrounding Mohammed Ali Road, an area with several important mosques and the epicentre of the city’s Ramadan celebrations.

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    Chota Kebab

    Squash a couple of fine mincemeat and garam masala balls into a bread roll, top with lemon juice and enjoy while standing outside the Hindustan Hotel and watching the world rush past.

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    Taj Ice Cream

    Sample hand churned ice cream in a variety of exotic fruit flavors from the 120 year old institution, Taj Ice Cream.

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    Home Visit

    We will visit Asim's relatives after we enjoy our Iftar. We will briefly stop-in and share some some sweets and Ramadan stories with them.

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    Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious, milky, aromatic firni, a traditional Indian rice pudding.


Saturday, 2nd June, 6pm
Sunday, 3rd June, 6pm

More dates to be confirmed soon. Contact for more information or to request private tours


Rs 1,500 per person

(Includes all food)

Start/End Points

Starts outside the McDonalds across from CST Station.

Ends at JJ Hospital (nearest stations Grant Road and Sandhurst Road)

(See Directions tab for details)

Group Size

Spaces are limited so early booking recommended


"The street food tour in Mumbai was so much fun and the food was delicious. A must do if you're in Mumbai...

April 2017 via TripAdvisor

Meeting Point

McDonald's across from CST Station

Just south of CST Station there is a McDonald's on the corner of a big intersection. We will meet outside. See the map below for the exact location. (Photos: One)

End Point

The tour will end at JJ Hospital. While the train stations Grant Road and Sandhurst Road are relatively close, a taxi is the easiest option to get home.


6pm - 9pm