Leave any preconceptions at the door and prepare to learn how many Delhiites live.

Sanjay Colony is a small slum built on 25 acres of land located in the south of Delhi near the Bahai Lotus Temple and Iskcon temple. Spend 2 hours walking around and visiting small scale businesses, a small temple, a mosque and residential areas.

Learn about working and residential life and witness how despite the challenging living conditions it remains an area charged with

positive energy and community spirit. By the end of the tour you will understand how our NGO, Reality Gives, is working to support local NGOs and bring its excellent Mumbai programs to Sanjay Colony.

In the afternoon we will show you other, more traditional sights that Delhi has to offer. This portion of the tour is also available unguided with a driver. For a list of what sights we

generally see in the afternoon, see our Delhi Sightseeing Tour page. This tour is individually designed for you, and you can do and see as little or as much as you please. The tour guide, who also has detailed knowledge of the more traditional sights, will be with you for the day. He can give some suggestions for what to see, but ultimately, the itinerary is completely up to you.

  • 1

    Clothes Recycling & Manufacturing

    Many Sanjay Colony families work in the clothing industry. See how materials are painstakingly separated to be recycled and then observe the many factories making the finished items.

  • 2

    Hindu Temple

    Visit a small Hindu temple where you will learn about the importance of religion in the residents’ lives.

  • 3

    Residential Life

    Learn about the realities of residential life as you wonder the narrow lanes with your guide.

  • 4


    Learn about education in Sanjay Colony, what local NGO's are doing to fill the gap and what Reality Gives is doing to support the local education ecosystem.

  • 5

    Rooftop Visit

    In addition to getting an overview of the maze-like tour route, you will get a stunning view of Sanjay Colony!


Daily, 8 hours

Exact timing is up to you, but we recommend an early start.


From Rs 9,000 (depends on pick up location)

Up to 4 people

Start/End Points

Your hotel or residence.

Group Size

This is a private tour for up to 4 people.

(For larger groups, please get in touch)

No Photography Policy

For the Sanjay Colony portion of the tour we have a strict no photography policy. This policy helps ensure that our tours are done respectfully and that we maintain our strong relationship with the community.

What To Wear

Please wear modest clothing (for women: no

sleeveless shirts, short shorts, or low tops)

and closed-toed shoes.


"Excellent, first class tour and all around operation. Highly recommend it - worth the time and $. I did the Sanjay Colony Slum and Sightseeing tour (slum tour in morning and sightseeing in afternoon)... Also should mention their business model is really cool with using the tours as a way to fund programs and development for a community that desperately needs it."

Jacob via TripAdvisor


Meeting Point

Your hotel or residence

End Point

Your hotel or residence


8 hours

Exact timing is up to you, but we recommend an early start.