Aussie Rules Footy Program

“Promoting fun, fitness and community connectedness through Aussie Rules Football.” Lincoln Harris, Founder .

Australian Rules Football (or 'footy', as it is called by those who watch and play it) is the native game of Australia. The game was introduced to Mumbai by an Australian expat living in Mumbai. With its blend of speed, contact and skill, it is a sport for all ages and sizes. Its strong focus on the team rather than the individual makes it an ideal medium for social interaction, and it's in this respect that the footy program offers Dharavi residents the chance to widen their social network.

On a typical day of Mumbai footy, Dharavi residents will come in to contact with people from a wide range of backgrounds - uni students, kids of similar ages but from different socio-economic backgrounds, professionals such as lawyers and IT people, Australian expats, even the occasional former professional footy player from Australia! The fun and friendship Dharavi residents experience through footy gives them confidence to feel part of the wider Mumbai community.

The teams play once a week (on Sunday at Shivaji Park, Dadar) and often have a training sessions during the week.


Gift Reality Gives pays for the transportation costs of Dharavi residents to attend the program.
DonateReality Gives Director of Sport, Pete is working with Reality Tours and Travels employee Mayur Parmar to assist and mentor him in the coordination of the program for Dharavi residents.
  • Currently 20 Dharavi residents attend the program.
  • Come along to an open session, for all ages, male and female
  • If you're a keen 'footy' player, contact us to organise an interactive session and/or match whilst you're in Mumbai

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