Ashayen Community Centre

“What we want is to maximise the space by providing fun, useful and high quality programs 24/7!”, Jyoti, Ashayen Community Centre Manager

Our three community centres are located across Dharavi and provide much needed space for programs the English, Lifes Skills and IT classes we deliver individually, and together in the form of our Youth Empowerment Program.

As anyone who has visited will know, space is a rare commodity in Dharavi, and when not being utilised for our core educational activities we use our centres for a variety of different programs including (but not limited to) yoga, women's self defence, English conversation classes, dance, drama and art. Our Ashayen Centre also houses a small English library for children in the community and is the focal point for our Girls Football Program and Boys Cricket Academy projects.

Whilst these are not necessarily core educational programs, we do feel it's important to give children in our communities the chance to express, create and explore. To have a childhood. As such, we try to bring as many of these opportunities into our community centres as possible through collaboration with other organisations and individuals.


DonateThe Community Centre is run by Reality Gives, and all programs in the Centre are facilitated and monitored by Reality Gives..
GiftThe costs including resources and staff salaries are paid by Reality Gives.
VolunteerAll visitors on Reality Tours' Dharavi Tour go to the Community Centre
  • Through the community centre we engage with hundreds of our beneficiaries
  • Help fund the expansion of our computer lab
  • Donate books to our library
  • Propose workshops or other community-engagement activities

Projects we run: