Dharavi Art Room


“We have been working in Dharavi with smaller projects since 1999. In 2009 we have started working with Reality Gives and developed together the idea of a Dharavi Art Room. Summer has helped us a lot to strategize our program and now we are able to teach 70 kids from Dharavi on a regular basis.“ Himanshu, Founder and Teacher, Bombay Underground.

Dharavi Art Room is an NGO set up to create a space in Dharavi for the community to explore issues through the artistic medium. It is a place of expression through art, targeting youth. It will be a collaborative environment open to many different organisations and individuals interested in starting art projects.

Dharavi Art Room teaches art to young people from the area. Students are exposed to various art mediums including drawing, painting and photography. The purpose of the classes is to explore their world through the creative medium as well as to express themselves and gain confidence.

Currently they run three batches of art classes (up to 20 students in each batch) in Reality Gives' Community centre and Reception Centre. The batches each last 12 weeks, with 2 classes per week.

The program is funded by sales of the art, which is sold at the end of the Dharavi tour run by Reality Tours, and also in exhibitions.


Gift Reality Gives provides funding for all Dharavi Art Room classes.
Exchange Reality Gives is looking to connect Dharavi Art Room to other community spaces which would benefit from a similar program.
VolunteerSome visitors on Reality Tours' Dharavi Tour visit one of the classes.
  • 180 children in Dharavi have taken part in the program
  • Donate cameras for the photography classes
  • Donate art supplies
  • Provide space to exhibit or sell student's art

Projects we run: