Change can only be created in our communities through your involvement and support. Learn more about or communities through our tours, purchase socially and environmentally conscious merchandise, donate, help raise funds or volunteer your time and expertise.

Other Ways to Donate:


For donations from Indian Citizens, you can send a cheque to 'Reality Cares' with a copy of your PAN card to:

Reality Gives, Unique Business Service Centre, Akber House 1st Floor, Nowroji Fardonji Road, Opp Bademiya Restaurant, Colaba, Mumbai, 400039, India

For donations from Foreign Nationals, you can send a cheque to 'Reality Gives UK' to:

Reality Gives UK, Pinners, Astley, Stourport, DY13 0RJ, UK


It can be difficult for us (not to mention bad for the environment) to receive international in-kind donations, but if you're planning a visit to Mumbai and feel you might have something that could be of use to us or our partners contact us.

In the past we've been grateful to receive digital cameras and art and writing equipment which we've been able to use in several programs or pass on directly to our beneficiaries.

Donate Online:


Reality Gives is helping more beneficiaries than ever, and we're determined to continue challenging preconceptions of what's possible for children and young adults people born into underprivileged areas.

By supporting Reality Gives, you can help fund a quality education for one of these young people. We believe that where you start in life shouldn't determine where you finish, and your gift will make a tangible difference to our beneficiaries in Delhi and Mumbai.