Change can only be created in our communities through your involvement and support. Learn more about or communities through our tours, purchase socially and environmentally conscious merchandise, donate, help raise funds or volunteer your time and expertise.
Use your skills and experience to support the work we do in our communities.

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    Eva from Finland volunteered for three months. She created marketing strategies for Reality Tours and Travel and Gives.

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    Andreas gave us the great photographs he took of Dharavi for commercial use. We use them for the websites and postcards.

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    Hayley, founder of our partner organisation Atma which provides us with volunteer support, in Dharavi

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    Hayley and Cory, volunteer photographer of Reality Gives


Our volunteer program aims to offer you the structure to succeed and the flexibility to thrive. Many of our international staff began their careers in the development sector by volunteering overseas. We know the impact it can have, and are passionate about giving others this opportunity.

Given the variety of the work we and our partners do, we are able to accommodate volunteers with a great range of different skills and interests. Previous volunteers have designed and delivered a drama program, helped shape our marketing and fundraising strategies and conducted a workshops with staff and residents alike.


If you are interested in volunteering with Reality Gives, we would love to hear from you.

Please send us an email with a completed volunteer application form and your CV/Resume.

We are currently recruiting a Staff Development Volunteer - click here to read the job description.