Computer Skills Classes

“Before we were sleeping ‘til 10am. Now we’re getting up to come here [and] I am top of the class in computers at school.” - Sayed, Computer Skills Student

With our own bespoke curriculum delivered by IT teacher, Ravi, our Computer Classes are currently a part of the Youth Empowerment Program (which also includes Functional and Communicative English and Life Skills) and are delivered as a stand alone program for both children and adults. Through open sourcing the curricula to other NGOs we are expanding this program beyond our own physical limitations.

The fact that the computer curriculum is now being used by other NGOs across Mumbai and also in Hyderbad perhaps makes this syllabus the most successful of the curricula we have developed to date. The curriculum was originally developed by Jonny Clarke in 2010 and is now being redesigned to incorporate Windows 8 and Office 2013. As well as being adapted for the newer software, the new curriculum will take into account the feedback of the Reality Gives computer teachers and of the students who have completed the course.

While analysing this feedback we have noticed a significant demand for both a higher level Office course and for a wider range of courses, such as Desk Top Publishing and accounting. This demand was one of the driving factors behind us opening a centre solely for computers in Chamda Bazaar in addition to our other computer lab, which will enable us to reach out to more students and offer more courses.


DonateReality Gives has designed and developed the curricula, and trained the teachers.
VolunteerReality Gives covers the cost of rent, resources and salaries.
ExchangeReality Gives is actively seeking to the curriculum with other NGOs.
  • Currently delivering daily classes in two community centres across Dharavi
  • The computer curriculum is now being taught at partner NGO CORP, by teachers trained by Reality Gives and other NGOs in Mumbai and Hyderbad
  • Donate your old, gently used laptops and tablets

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