Royal City School

“The community looks at English as a career defining path where their children will have access to job opportunities, not just in the domestic but also the global market.”- Educational Programs Director, Lakshmi Vishwanathan

We believe that primary education is the most important part of a child's schooling, as it instils the skills and values that serve as the basis for all future learning. Therefore, we run the Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade within Royal City School, Dharavi. By 2016 we hope to extend this through to fourth grade. This will ensure our students receive the best foundation for their futures.

Our teachers are women from the local community, who we send on a year-long teacher training programme with Muktangan, one of the most esteemed educational non-profit organisations in Mumbai. Then, throughout their career with us, they are observed weekly and offered Continued Professional Development focusing on subject knowledge, English language and a variety of teaching techniques.

With close ties to the methods used by Muktangan, our teaching offers an alternative to the orthodox and rote education that is common in India. We do this by:

  • Developing children in a collaborative and holistic manner
  • Creating engaging learning environments
  • Giving children a deeper understanding of all concepts through experiential and active learning
  • Focusing on ensuring that the child can become an independent and motivated learner
  • Inspiring curiosity, and teaching the child critical thinking, social and questioning skills.

Our lessons are planned by the teachers and the Educational Programs Director during daily planning meetings where they focus on personalising and enriching the state syllabus based on the classes' requirements. Due to our very low student to teacher ratio (approximately 15-1) we are able to know and understand each child's needs and interests which allows us to create an inclusive and engaging environment for all children. This was reflected in the findings of Adhyayan Quality standard (an organisation who help Indian schools measure themselves against international standards), who remarked "Classes are well-managed and teachers are aware of children's learning and social needs."


DonateThe Local Support Program is run by Reality Gives.
GiftThe resources and staff salaries are paid by Reality Gives.
  • 381 children are attending our classes from Kindergarten to Second Standard in 2014/15
  • We have trained 15 teachers from Dharavi, who might otherwise have remained as housewives, and we will continue to train up to four teachers each year.
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