Youth Empowerment Program

“Coming here and joining this course, I get a lot of confidence. Before coming here, I was very embarrassed to talk with friends. I was not confident in speaking English, whereas my friends, they can speak in English in a very natural way. Now, joining this course, I feel very confident now. I definitely understand more and I feel very good.“, Pratiksha, YEP student and bachelor of commerce graduate

Part of Reality Gives' original vision was to assist teenagers and young adults who have been sidelined or ignored by the mainstream education system, or who are struggling to find employment. So, maintaining our passion for quality education, we started a project to design materials tailored for this exact purpose and the Youth Empowerment Program was born.

The Youth Empowerment Program is taught at the Ashayen Community Centre in the heart of Dharavi and its main goal is to provide local 18-35 year olds with the tools to improve their quality of life by continuing their education or by getting better jobs. Free of cost to students, the Youth Empowerment Program is a three and a half month course consisting of English, Computers, and Soft Skills. These 3 areas were identified, after extensive research and consultation, as skills that the students can utilise in their everyday life and as tools that will help them to improve their quality of life.

It quickly became apparent that the materials being developed for the Youth Empowerment Program in Dharavi are needed in, and appropriate for, many other similar situations in Mumbai, across Maharshtra, and throughout India. With this in mind, the decision to develop the materials for a wider audience was taken, and the Curriculum Development Project was born.


DonateWe run the program using staff directly employed by us.
GiftThe resources and staff salaries are paid by Reality Gives.
DonateWe design and develop the materials.
  • Every 3.5 months, 25-30 Dharavi youths participate in this program.
  • Connect students with local job opportunities
  • As an impact evaluation expert volunteer, help us measure the impact of this program on student's lives

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