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Suggested Activities

India is a country that has been known for innovation and craftsmanship for thousands of years.  Once part of important trade routes, the textiles and food products of India were highly-prized in far away lands and many of the skills that have developed here are becoming more and more important as the planet becomes more populated and environmental degradation continues.

Our educational workshops are designed to teach children and adults alike the skills that have been finely tuned across generations and help provide insight as to what we can do to reduce consumption and live a more practical life.   

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Hands-On Workshops

Mumbai is full of skilled artisans whose families have been creating useful products for generations. Many of us have seen gorgeous pots, admired flower garlands and tasted crispy poppadoms while exploring the city but few of us know how these things are produced. In this workshop, we will get our hands dirty (literally!) and learn from the masters.

Learning new hands-on skills helps promote creativity, opens your mind and helps create a sense of achievement which can be transferred back into a business or academic environment.

Plastic Recycling and Re-use

Dharavi is known as being Mumbai’s recycling hub and much of the plastic used in the city is processed here. While sustainability is becoming more and more important in the 21st century, why not learn about how to repurpose some of your own plastic waste? In this workshop, participants will be given pre-used plastic items and be taught how to give these items a “second-life’. By learning how to re-use plastic, together we can help reduce waste and create a cleaner environment for everyone! At the end of the workshop, participants can take home their creations!

Frugal Innovation

“Jugaad” is a term well-known in India and means the ability to think outside of the box and make use of whatever is available to you. Throughout the country, you see items being used in unconventional ways – from eating samosas wrapped in someone’s old homework to watching bicycles be used as a power source for knife-sharpeners, These skills will become more and more important as the need for environmental sustainability and waste reduction increases.

In this workshop, we will have guest speakers from local businesses come in to explain how they use jugaad in their daily work and innovation. This activity helps promote out-of-the-box thinking and spurs innovation.