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Slum Tours Delhi

Our ethical and educational slum tours give visitors a unique glimpse into everyday life for many Delhi-ites while breaking down the negative stereotypes associated with slums.  80% of the profits from every tour are invested back into the community through the programs of our NGO, Reality Gives and most of our guides are from the community.

Sanjay Colony is a thriving tightly-knit community in South Delhi.   As an industrial center with small-scale manufacturing, it is a hive of activity with friendly locals, smiling children and twisting alleyways and our guides can’t wait to show you their neighborhood!

Sanjay Colony Slum Tour

1.75 Hours
Availability : All days
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Sanjay Colony Tour & Cooking Experience

3.5 Hours
Availability : All days
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Sanjay Colony Tour & Family Lunch

3 Hours
Availability : All days
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