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Reality Tours & Travel is a full-service travel company operating in the bustling centres of Mumbai and Delhi, directly impacting the lives of the Dharavi and Sanjay Colony community. As a socially responsible business, we aim to work with corporations aligned with our values and vision. 

80% of our profits go back to the community through our charity Reality Gives. Corporate groups help us fund Reality Gives’ educational programs and development efforts in these communities. Our values and our and vision of a world where all tourism promotes cross-cultural understanding and local development are further upheld and spread through the local and international business network. 

We see great value in working with corporations to carry out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and team-building exercises. Together, we aim to address negative stereotypes surrounding underprivileged communities on a greater scale, simultaneously creating value and instilling awareness—ultimately solidifying fundamental values and elements of the business.

When we work with a corporation, we strive to get the its employees involved in our endeavours: making them an active donor and participant via taking our tours and engaging with the community. 

We look forward to your enquiries and requests regarding how we can tailor immersive activities for you and your team.