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Sanjay Colony Tour & Family Lunch


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3 Hours
Availability : All days
Min Age : 2+
Max People : 6
Tour Details



3 hours including lunch

9.30am from Connaught Place

10.30am from Harkesh Nagar Okhla Metro Station

Please Note: Available spots per day is limited so advanced booking is recommended.


Rs 1,500 per person at Harkesh Nagar Okhla Metro Station

Rs 1,500 per person at Connaught Place

Rs 6,000 for a private tour

(up to 6 people)

Group Size

Minimum: 2 people

Maximum: 6 people

(For larger groups, please get in touch)

Leave any preconceptions at the door and prepare to learn how many Delhiites live.

Sanjay Colony is a small slum built on 25 acres of land located in the south of Delhi near the Bahai Lotus Temple and Iskcon temple. Spend 2 hours walking around and visiting small scale businesses, a small temple, a mosque and residential areas. Learn about working and residential life and witness how despite the challenging living conditions it remains an area charged with positive energy and strong community.

Family Lunch: Towards the end of the tour, we will walk to a nearby family home for a vegetarian meal. Not only will you get additional insight into Sanjay Colony, but you’ll provide a local family with some extra income. Get comfortable to feast the local way, sitting on the floor and eating with your hands.

By the end of the tour you will understand how our NGO, Reality Gives, is working to support local NGOs and bring its excellent education programs to Sanjay Colony.

Have extra space in your suitcase? We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase for the projects supported by Reality Gives, you’ll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our project/projects.


Clothes Recycling & Manufacturing

Many Sanjay Colony families work in the clothing industry. See how materials are painstakingly separated to be recycled and then observe the many factories making the finished items.

Hindu Temple

Visit a small Hindu temple where you will learn about the importance of religion in the residents’ lives.

Residential Life

Uncover the realities of residential life as you wander the narrow lanes with your guide.

Rooftop Visit

In addition to getting an overview of the maze-like tour route, you will get a stunning view of Sanjay Colony!

Family Lunch

After the tour, enjoy a vegetarian lunch in a local family’s home.

Meeting Point

Connaught Place or

Harkesh Nagar Okhla Metro Station

Connaught Place

Please meet outside Gate 1 at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station. (Photo)

Harkesh Nagar Okhla Metro Station

Please meet outside of gate 2 at Harkesh Nagar Okhla Metro Station (Photo)

End Point

Harkesh Nagar Okhla Metro Station


9.30am (Connaught Place)

10.30am (Harkesh Nagar Okhla Metro Station)

8 Reviews
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Group Traveller

Like many reviewers, I was nervous about doing a slum colony tour, but the many glowing comments on TripAdvisor gave me confidence.

It was fantastic! If you’re going to Delhi or Mumbai, this tour should be at the top of your list.

First, Kavita (and I’m sure all the guides) are great ambassadors to a world tourists rarely see. She grew up in the slums, and she is proud to introduce people to her neighborhood.

Second, the tour is done respectfully. (Note that photography is not allowed.) I felt like a stranger but not a voyeur; it was like walking through a neighborhood–people going on with their lives.

Although it was challenging and even overwhelming to be there at first, but soon I realized that, like people everywhere, the people of the slum are making the most of what they have, albeit under much more difficult and challenging circumstances. There are schools, small businesses, temples, a clinic, just like any other neighborhood.

This is a precious and unique opportunity, and Reality Gives does it well. Lay aside your hesitation and do not miss this tour. In preparation for this tour, I highly recommend reading “Beyond the Beautiful Forevers”–a book about life in the Mumbai slums by Katherine Boo.

Thank you Kavita for sharing your world. Thanks to the family that served a delicious lunch.

January 26, 2020

Mary-Ellen C

Group Traveller

I did this tour with a friend at the end of our two week visit to India. We also opted for lunch with a family afterwards.

There were so many great aspects of this tour. Our guide, was the first female guide – Shehnaz – in India, so it was great to hear about life in India from a womans perspective.

Everyone in the colony were so friendly and warm. We had more smiles, and hellos, in the two hours we were there, almost in our whole time in India.

We felt very lucky to visit the Colony and was amazed at the work ethic of everyone who lives there and the wonderful community spirit.

The colony a thriving mini-city and was so fantastic to see and experience. Our hosta fir lunch provided an incredibly beautiful curry and warmly shared with us stories of their life.

Meeting at Connaight Place is great, as you get experience if the metro and confidence to do other trips (which we did).

This was a highlight of our trip. Highly, highly recommended. And ask for Shehnaz as she is a terrific guide with so much generous knowledge to share. She walks through the colony like a celebrity and received and gave many hugs along the trip.

January 24, 2020


Solo Traveller

Hema, you are amazing. Thank you very much for taking me around the Sanjay colony and showing me absolutely every corner of it. It cannot be said that visiting a slum is something beautiful but definetly the guides give you a very positive image of it. My tour included a lunch with a local family that was incredible. The house where I went was extremely clean, the food could not be better and the family was lovely. Finally, the guides are very strict with the photography policy… it is understandable but you cannot even take pictures of the cows which are walking on the street!

October 12, 2019


Solo Traveller

visited Sanjay Colony on my second day in Delhi with my partner and we opted for the tour that came together with lunch there cooked by the residents.

We arrived at the meeting point about 5-10 minutes early to wait for our guide but to our pleasant surprise, he was already there waiting for us.

Sam (Saurabh) was an amazing guide. He was really friendly and spoke really good English despite him saying otherwise.

As he guided us through the maze of Sanjay Colony he would often be greeted by its residents who knew him, and he would always share interesting stories and egg us on to ask him more questions about the slum colony.

The slum was surprisingly developed, I remember being surprised to see that there were shops inside as well.

The weather in Delhi can be pretty brutal so remember to bring a cap and a bottle of water! Sam was really nice and bought us ice-cold water along the way too, probably because we were perspiring buckets haha.

The people in the slum were friendly too, all you have to do is smile and you’ll be surprised how many of them will turn their hard gazes into big warm smiles right back at you. A little girl with her even younger sister even came up to us to shake our hands at one point.

We got to see so much – from temples to a rooftop view, to shops, to ladies sorting out pieces of fabric. At the end of the tour we were brought to the top floor of one of the buildings where we entered a little room that served as a bedroom and kitchen at the same time with a queen sized bed on one side, and a stove and sink on the other side. As we entered, a lady who Sam described to be the lady who was in charge of that specific block spread out a piece of cloth on the floor for us to sit on. This cloth would serve to be our eating area. The lady was accompanied by her daughter and they had prepared lunch for us that day despite having to fast themselves given that it was a Monday due to religious beliefs. The food we had was really tasty and I found myself cleaning up my entire plate of rice, roti, some chickpea dish and dahl completely clean.

We even chanced upon the manager of Reality Tours at the end of it when we visited the office/school that was located in the slum and had a really nice conversation there with her as well.

Halfway through the tour Sam and I exchanged songs from our home countries as we sang and walked along the way.

Granted that Sanjay Colony is probably a very developed slum as opposed to many in the world out there, I felt that it was a good introduction for us to understand the stories behind those who live there. I also respected the fact that no photography was allowed to ensure the privacy of its residents.

September 11, 2019


Solo Traveller

We had a wonderful tour this afternoon of the Sajay slum in Delhi. Organised at short notice, our guide, Vijay, was absolutely great. He showed us life in the slum, explaining all aspects in great detail and answered clearly all our questions. We had lunch with his family who cooked a delicious meal. It was a special day which touched us deeply and will retain a special place in our hearts. Thankyou Vijay and keep up the wonderful work Reality Tours & Travel! Nathalie, Enrique and little Diego

April 11, 2019