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Mumbai Street Food Tour


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3 hrs 30 mins
Availability : All days
Min Age : 2+
Max People : 6

Get off the eaten path with our delicious tour of Mumbai’s best street food!

Mumbai is famous across India for its outstanding street food, but discovering the best hygienic eateries in the big city is not always easy. Not to worry, that’s where we come in! We’ll help you experience the city’s flavours that please the taste buds and go easy on the stomach, guiding you through three of Mumbai’s most renowned street food areas.

We have 16 different items (9 veg, 2 non-veg, 3 desserts, 2 drinks) plus water/cold drinks for you to enjoy and we’ll keep feeding you until you are full!

After a short train ride, we’ll start at Mumbai’s most famous beach, Chowpatty, where we’ll try an array of Mumbai’s best vegetarian street food as we watch the sun set. We’ll have classics such as sev puri, pani puri and pav bhaji. Then we’ll take a short taxi ride to the lively Bhuleshwar area, a Gujarati and Rajasthani area with local specialities such as ukala (saffron milk), kachori, sabudana and pudla as well as more well known treats such as masala dosa and lassi. As well as eating, you’ll be walking through its busy streets and khao gallis (eating lanes) soaking in the atmosphere and learning about the food.

We’ll then head to Mohammed Ali Road, a predominantly Muslim neighbourhood where your guide will introduce you to the local culture and, of course, the delicious food such as chicken kebabs and for the vegetarians, baida (egg) rotis.

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten those of you with a sweet tooth (and with space in your stomach)! We’ll eat rabdi with gulab jamun, jalebi and kulfi.

Note: We’ll be sampling many different dishes and a few items in the Mohammed Ali Road area are non-vegetarian. However, there are plenty of options for vegetarians: for example, all snacks at Chowpatty Beach and Bhuleshwar are vegetarian. We don’t recommend this tour for vegans.

Tour Types

Shared Tour

Enjoy with other people!
From INR2700
  • 1ps: INR 3,200pp
    2ps: INR 3,200pp
    3ps: INR 2,900pp
    4ps: INR 2,700pp
    5ps: INR 2,700pp
    6ps: INR 2,700pp
  • 3.5 hrs duration
  • Unlimited Food and Drinks included
  • 1 to 6 people on the tour. if your group size is greater than 6, please contact us
  • Meeting Time: 5.30pm at Churchgate Station

Private Tour

Enjoy with just your family & friends!
From INR2700
  • 1ps: INR 8,000pp
    2ps: INR 5,600pp
    3ps: INR 4,350pp
    4ps: INR 3,400pp
    5ps: INR 2,900pp
    6ps: INR 2,700pp
  • 3.5 hrs duration
  • Unlimited Food and Drinks included
  • 1 to 6 people on the tour. if your group size is greater than 6, please contact us
  • Meeting Time: 5.30pm at Churchgate Station. If you wish to start at a different time, please contact us

Chowpatty Beach

A foodie’s visit to Mumbai is not complete without a stop at Chowpatty Beach – the best place to taste Mumbai’s (vegetarian) favourites such as pav bhaji and pani puri.

Sev Puri

Munch on this classic Mumbai street food while you watch the sun set over Chowpatty Beach. It’s potato, herbs, chutneys, and sev (thin strips of fried chickpea flour) served on round discs. Add some dahi (yoghurt) for extra flavour!


Still on Chowpatty, sample Kulfi, a frozen dairy dessert very similar to ice cream, but much denser and creamier. Popular flavours include rose, mango, pistachio, cardamom and saffron.


Walk through the busy streets and food alleys of Bhuleshwar – a Gujarati and Rajasthani area with local specialities such as ukala (saffron milk), kachori, sabudana and pudla as well as more well known treats such as masala dosa and lassi.

Mohammed Ali Road

Witness the buzz of activity surrounding Mohammed Ali Road, an area with several important mosques and the epicentre of the city’s Ramadan celebrations. Taste the mouthwatering chicken kebabs and egg rolls and try some organs if you dare!

Indian Sweets

Make sure you leave room in your stomach for the delicious Indian bread and butter equivalent of rabdi, with added gulab jamun. If your blood sugar levels allow, you can also try the super sweet but super scrumptious jalebi!

Meeting Points / Map

We eat food at Chowpatty Beach and Bhuleshwar as well as at the Mohammed Road area.

Meeting Point

For Shared / Private Tours:

Churchgate Railway Station (See “A” in Map below)

  • Meeting Time: 5.30pm
  • There are four entrances to Churchgate Station, including two subways. The first photo shows the station as you approach from Colaba and where the entrance is. Once inside the station, go to “Wheeler” Convenience Store, about 30 metres before the platforms (Photos: OneTwoThree)

End Point

For Shared / Private Tours:

Zam Zam Sweet and Bakery, Mohammed Ali Road (See “B” in Map below).

  • End Time: 9.00pm
  • The tour ends at Zam Zam Bakery, on the corner of Mohammed Ali Road and Merchant Road. Afterwards your tour guide will help you with transport, such as a taxi, to wherever you want to go.


Is street food hygienic and safe to eat?

Yes! Well, not always, but the vendors we have carefully selected are perfectly safe and hygienic (hundreds of happy guests and counting!). In fact, this is one of the main motivating factors in designing this tour: we wanted to make India’s incredible street food accessible to visitors.

I have food allergies - should I let you know?

If you do have any serious allergies feel free to let us know at time of booking and do also let your guide know on tour so that certain foods may be avoided. The range of food on offer means there is plenty for everyone generally however.

Are there vegetarian options?

The first half of the tour (at Chowpatty beach) is entirely vegetarian. The second half of the tour is mainly meat but there are a few vegetarian dessert stops. If you’re vegetarian, eat a bit extra at Chowpatty and then spend your time in the Mohammad Ali Road area soaking in the electric atmosphere!

Where will we go?

The first half of the tour is at Chowpatty Beach and the second half is spent exploring the Mohammad Ali Road Area and trying the best of Mumbai’s non-vegetarian street food.

What will we eat?

At Chowpatty we will try some traditional Mumbai snacks like pani puri, sev puri, and pav bhaji. At the Mohammed Ali Road area we will eat snacks like chicken tikka and chota kebabs as well as a few desserts like fresh fruit ice cream and jalebi.

Is it appropriate for children?

Yes, we welcome children 12 years and over on our normal tour at the responsibility of an accompanying adult. For visitors with children less than 12 years old, please get in touch in advance as we would recommend a private tour.

How many people can go on a private tour?

A private tour is for up to 4 people. If you are a party larger than 4, please contact us directly at info@realitytoursandtravel.com

Do you provide private tours for large groups?

Absolutely. Please get in touch if you are the organizer of a group visit: info@realitytoursandtravel.com

Is there a lunchtime option?

We provide an evening tour as that is when the traditional street food areas of Mumbai we visit on tour come alive and the stalls open. The tour does not really work as well earlier in the day, when fewer food vendors are open and the atmosphere is lost.

Where is the second stop, Mohammad Ali Road? How do we get there?

The Mohammad Ali Road area is directly east of Chowpatty Beach and to the north of CST Station and Crawford Market. We will travel there by taxi and it takes about 15-20 minutes, just enough time to get hungry again for the next stops!