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How To Do Delhi Like A Local: Pradeep’s 5 Favourite Places In Delhi

Our Delhi Tour Guide Manager, Pradeep, lets us in on his 5 favourte places in Delhi.

Delhi is my home and I love it because I know a ton of places, people and things to do here. I can’t imagine my life without these five places in Delhi. Almost every day, I go to one of these places.


1. Habitat Center (Central Delhi)

Habitat Delhi
Past Exhibit: Coexistence Ecological Conversations

The Habitat Center is a cultural hub that is located near Khan Market. I go there to enjoy Indian cultural festivals, art, music and movies. Most of the events are free and I always learn a lot through their events. web speed Recently, I attended a talk there, and it was based on the origin of Delhi.  There are many free events every day.

How to get there: Metro to Khan Market or JLN Station (Violet Line)


2. Lodi Gardens (Central Delhi)

Lodi Gardens
Lodi Gardens

Lodi Gardens has a special place in my heart. My father used to work there as a Gardner and I like to show that place to my friends. Most of the time I like to meet or do meetings there. Every Sunday, I play Frisbee there with friends. It is open for public, so you all are most welcome, come join us!  Many movies have been shot in that garden, like Fanna. People also go there for morning and evening walks but my friends go there with their girlfriends in the afternoon.

How to get there:  Khan Market (Violet line) Metro or taxi/rickshaw to “Lodi Gardens”


3. Sanjay Colony Slum (Okhla, South Delhi)

Sanjay Colony Rooftop
Rooftop view of Sanjay Colony

I love to go to Sanjay Colony because the people are amazing and so friendly. The area is well known as one of the largest industrial areas in India! My friend Ramesh is running an N.G.O. there called Prithak. I like to teach Basic English classes there because I love seeing the spark in the students. I also give educational tours of the slum to raise awareness.

How to get there: Metro to Okhla Station (Violet Line)


4. Khan Market (Central Delhi)

Khan Market

Another part of my daily routine is Khan Market. I like Khan Market because there are great restaurants; and an N.G.O. called Manzil from where I learnt so many things like leadership skills, English theater and teaching computers. Khan Market is also the central hang out spot for my friends and I. Every Saturday night, I meet my friends there and we go out for dinner or just to have fun (chit chat).   Khan Chacha (it is famous for rolls) and Big Chill are two of our favorite restaurants there.

How to get there: Metro to Khan Market Station (Violet Line)


5. Old Delhi

Old Delhi

Old Delhi is a city in and of itself and it is charged with life. I have been working as a tour guide there for the past 5 years. I love showing that city to people. I love the busy markets there. The area is about 6 square kilometers, but you can find just about everything there (most of which you can’t find anywhere else in Delhi). People come from all over the North India to buy stuff from here. The Old Delhi Tour is my favorite tour because I get to show people this amazing area. I like to volunteer at the Sikh Temple in Old Delhi. Also, most of the time my friends and I go out to have Paratha (Indian fried bread) at Asharam Foods (it’s a very local place, you’ll need to search around for it!).

How to get there: metro to Chawri Chowk Metro or taxi to “Old Delhi” and then take a cycle rickshaw or walk.

These are my favorite Delhi hang out spots. Hopefully I’ll see you at one of these places one day. Also, feel free to get in touch; I would love to show you around my city!

Pradeep, Reality Tours Tour Guide Manager, Delhi